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4 Questions To Ask Before Selling Your House To A Cash Buyer

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4 Questions To Ask Before Selling Your House To A Cash Buyer

Nowadays, selling your house quickly to a cash buyer has become popular. There are real estate investors that buy, fix, and flip houses. They attract home sellers by giving benefits of getting fast cash without making repairs. 


Some cash buyers are not real. They try to seem legit via dishonest emails and ads. In essence, they pretend to be real investors. 

The question is: how do they fake being a cash buyer?

Fortunately, there are some ways to determine if a cash buyer is a real investor with money to buy your house. Before selling your home to a cash buyer, consider the following questions. 

Questions To Ask Cash Buyers

How Long Have You Been Buying Properties? 

Usually, fake cash buyers have no history. They will most likely create a story. If their story is all over the place, you’re probably dealing with a fake cash buyer. Real cash buyers always tell you a story about capabilities and experience. Their story will make sense. NeedtoSell.com is an industry-leading home-buying company, and homeowners love working with us.

Have You Purchased Other Houses in This Area?  

It is an essential question to differentiate between fake and real cash buyers. Fake cash buyers will have purchased few or no homes in your area. They won’t even come to your house to check it out. While a real cash buyer can provide the addresses of other properties, they have flipped in your area. They will be excited to come to see your property in person. Check out the reviews of our valuable customers on our website. 

Do You Have Proof of Funds? 

Fake cash buyers are often reluctant to show proof of funds. They will often be eager to share their ability to buy your home but fail to actually provide financial proof that they can. Contrarily, real cash buyers will happily show proof if you want. 

But! Don’t expect them to brag about how much money they have. 

Are There Any Hidden Fees? 

It is one of the crucial questions to ask cash buyers. They should explain and fully disclose the fees at the beginning of the process. Don’t trust your cash buyer if he asks you to pay upfront fees before closing. 

No cash should be exchanged before a sale closes except in earnest money. Real cash buyers will often pay all of the closing costs, given the circumstances. 

How To Know If I’m Working with A Real Cash Buyer

It’s not difficult to find a real cash buyer. They usually have established businesses and websites. Real cash buyers want to quickly stay in touch with you throughout the process. NeedtoSell.com is an expert in buying properties in “as-is” condition. Our professionals physically see your home so that they can provide you with the best offer. We are very clear with the terms and fees. Also, we will provide you with real proof of funds if you ask.  

Work with NeedtoSell.com— A Real Cash Buyer

Asking the above-discussed questions will help you find the right buyer for your house. 

Are you looking for a trustworthy cash buyer? You have come to the right place. NeedtoSell.com will give you a fast cash offer for your home, no matter what condition your property is in. Contact us today! We will connect you and make a quick offer for your property. We provide an easy way to sell your home.