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Can i sell my house in any condition


sell my house


In the blogpost, we discuss various ways that homeowners can sell their home without doing any repairs. We give a clear answer whether you can sell your house as-is with the help of the realtor, by yourself to a conventional buyer, or should you work out a deal with an investor. We also explain why selling to a cash buyer company is the quickest and easiest way to sell your home, as no repairs are needed and you receive a competitive price for your property.

Do You Need to Repair Your Home to Sell It?

When selling a house, several important things influence the price. First is the location of the property and its size. These are set in stone and cant be changed. However, the other important factor contributing to the price is the property itself and its surrounding area. A well-maintained, modern, and clean property will attract more buyers that will be willing to pay more. So, it’s obvious that the home should look perfect when it enters the market. In most cases, renovations will allow you to get a better deal for your property and are worth your time and effort. Yet, there can be many situations where it might be hard or impossible to achieve.

Let’s look through several scenarios together:

  • If you are selling a relatively new house that was thoroughly maintained in good condition, then almost no extra hassles are needed. It may be enough to deep clean the house and depersonalize it before showings. Depersonalizing the property means taking away all the things that may remind buyers of the previous owners, like family photos, a collection of trophies, and so on. The interior and exterior should look like they are taken straight from the real estate catalog!
  • An old home that was lived in for several decades might require a bit more than simple cleaning. As time flows by, some parts of the building can deteriorate, the roof can leak, the floors can rot, and the interior may look worn out. Depending on the severity of the damage, a lot of time, money, and effort should be poured into the property to make it desirable for potential buyers. In today’s crazy market, even old houses will sell for a lot of money if given a new coat of paint.
  • Finally, the building can be severely damaged for various reasons. Natural disasters or fire damage can seriously damage the house to the point that repairing it is pointless. Other less harsh causes of damage can include problems with pipes, compromised structural integrity, or other forms of physical damage. In many such cases, repairs will be very costly and may last for a long time or even be impossible altogether. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sell a heavily damaged home.
In the end, it’s possible to sell any property with no prior repairs or renovations. We’ll explore different ways of selling your home with no repairs below.

Can Realtor Help to Sell Property Without Repairs?

Selling your home with no repairs a traditional way is way harder than the alternatives. A conventional way of selling residential real estate involves using the services of a realtor. A professional realtor can help you sell your property at a slightly higher price and handle the whole selling process, including listing your property, marketing it, gaining publicity, showing it to buyers, price negotiations, and legal compliance. It has to be said that no agent will do the cleaning or repairs of your house for you. They can suggest how to get your home cleaned and repaired, but you still have to pay for everything from your own pocket. Even a very good realtor will be hard-pressed to sell a property in poor condition.

Is it Possible to Sell a House Without Repairs Yourself?

Another traditional way of selling is to do it yourself without a realtor. It is commonly referred to as For Sale By Owner (FSBO). You’ll have to list your home online do marketing, showings, negotiations, and paperwork all by yourself. By selling without an agent you’ll be able to save some money. Despite this, you’ll still want a house to be in perfect condition to sell it quickly. So, this method is no better than the other and still requires you to repair, renovate and clean the property.

Can I Sell My Home As-Is to the Investor?

You might look into selling to a big investor to sell without doing repairs. Some investors are interested in virtually any property, no matter how damaged it is. Some will repair the house afterward, and some will use the lot to build a new house that they can sell later for more. Typically investors will pay a low price for a damaged home. The other problem with investors is that they are few and far between. You’re looking into a much smaller market, and selling this way isn’t quick, nor is it easy or profitable.

What Benefits are in Selling to NeedToSell.com?

Your final option is to sell to a cash buyer company like NeedToSell.com. We are residential real estate investor that buys any property in any condition. You might ask, how is NeedToSell.com different from other investors? Well, here is why choosing our solution will most likely be your ideal course of action:
  • No repairs needed, period. We do not require you to repair, renovate or clean your house. We will buy any property “as-is” and relieve you from expenses and stress associated with home repairs.
  • Get a deal quickly. With a realtor, you are looking to sell in about one to two months, or even longer. FSBO allows you to sell within several weeks. NeedToSell.com will buy your home within several days!
  • Receive a competitive price. Our company allows you to sell even severely damaged home and receive a competitive price for it. Sell it now, get the money, and don’t worry about repairs any longer.

How Do NeedToSell.com Operate?

How do we manage to do all this? NeedToSell.com operates by relying on the funds provided by private investors that are interested in long-term success. With the funds from our investors, we can buy any property, no matter the condition, with no repairs or cleaning required. The whole process will take only a couple of days. After receiving your call, we book an inspection of your property on a convenient date. Then we quickly appraise it and give you a deal shortly after. You can close the deal whenever you are ready or decline it, no strings attached. If you decide to sell to us, you’ll receive your money right away! After your property is sold to us, we plan what to do with it next. In most cases, we do repairs and renovations necessary to return the home to its former glory. We try to repair even the most damaged buildings. After the work is done, WRP will open the property for showings and sell it to a new family to live and thrive in their new home. By doing this we improve the communities across Texas and give comfortable, safe, and affordable homes to families. Sell a house to NeedToSell.com, and you’ll not only get a good deal for your property without doing any repairs but will also contribute to the wellbeing of people who’ll next call your old house their home.