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Do you want to know what is the fastest and easiest method of sell your house? Here you’ll find your answers! This blogpost discusses the pros and cons of selling a house through a cash buyer company or an agent and recommends using a cash buyer company in situations where speed and convenience are important. Selling to a cash buyer company is said to be easier than selling through an agent, with no extra expenses and the seller remaining in control of the situation.

Why You May Want to Sell Fast

Are you asking: “How to sell my house fast?” There could be many reasons why you would like to sell your house in Texas in “as-is” condition as fast as possible. Some are simple: already bought a new home and don’t have a need to cling to the old one, or inherited a property from a distant relative and don’t want anything to do with it. Some are harsher like the need to relocate due to unfeasible repairs that are needed after fire damage or a natural disaster. Perhaps, your financial situation isn’t great and you are behind on payments, lost a good-paying job, and need cash fast to deal with debt, and downgrade to a simpler more affordable home. A divorce can also be a valid reason for wanting to sell your house quickly. Or maybe you have recently lost an important person in your life and can’t bear the thought of living in your current home any longer. No matter the reason, you have decided to sell your house, and we at NeedToSell.com will help you with the information on how to do it the best way. As you’ve already guessed, there is no single straightforward answer to the question “How to quickly sell my house?” and the best way will depend on your particular situation. Let’s first look at the data provided by the National Association of Realtors from 2020 on how people usually sell their homes. Unsurprisingly most (93%) chose to sell with a realtor, 7% sold their homes themselves on a free market by using For Sale By Owner method, and only 3% went with a cash buyer company like NeedToSell.com. But what option is best for you? Don’t make any conclusions now; let’s look through them one by one.

Will Realtor Help Me Sell My Home Quickly?

Selling your house with a competent real estate agent is the most popular option for sure. The realtor will handle most of the marketing, list your home on reputable websites, organize showings, make negotiations with the buyer, and will take care of the legal stuff. An agent will be able to raise the value of your house a little and will make sure that it gets as much good publicity as possible. They will also be an impartial ambassador of your interests during the price negotiations and, under the right circumstances, you’ll be able to get a great deal for your home.

Is it a valid way to sell your house? Certainly. Is it fast, reliable, and the most profitable? Not exactly.

Getting a deal can take many months

The main drawback of dealing with the agent is that they often take a lot of time to get the right deal for you. And while they may indeed uplift the price of your home a little, it’ll cost you many months. It’s not fast to sell this way and you may look into other options if you want to sell your house for cash quickly.

Realtors are expensive

Look, they are professionals and thus their services are not cheap. They usually ask for a commission of 5.8% from the final sum of money that you’ll receive after the transaction, at least in Texas. The average price for a house across the state is $270,000 and the agent will get about 15,500 from the money that could have been yours.

You need to repair, renovate, and clean up your home or no one will buy it.

The other drawback of this method of selling is the mandatory repairs and renovations that have to be done even before your home is listed on the web. No family wants to move into a house that needs maintenance. They will simply go to a seller that offers property in more pristine condition and will never think about your house ever again. Repairs and deep cleaning cost money and time, and this might not be an option for you if you want to sell for cash fast.

You’ll have to constantly be ready to leave your house because of the showings

You may never know for sure when your house will be shown to a potential buyer. Thus, you will have to maintain it in perfect condition, clean it regularly, and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. This way of living is hard especially when the selling process can drag for many months. It’s not an option when you need to sell your home for cash fast and be done with it. sell your house

Is Selling My Home FSBO Any Better?

The other option of selling your house is to do it yourself. This method is often referred to as FSBO or For Sale By Owner. You may consider it if you are confident in your own marketing abilities or have prior experience in selling a house. With this option, you can avoid the commission of nearly 6% and get the full value out of your property. You’ll still be able to list your home on any platform, do showings yourself, and stand for yourself during the negotiation and bidding war. It’s also a good way to sell your house to a person that you know and trust by avoiding the middleman. Finally, selling by yourself can save you a lot of time and it’s in general much quicker than the previous method.


All-in-all, selling your house by yourself on a free market is an attractive option if you want to take meters into your own hands. However, this selling method shares many drawbacks with the previously mentioned one.
  • Quicker but not fast. By selling your home FSBO you’ll be able to get a deal quicker than with the agent. It’s estimated that houses sell within one to two months if you choose this method. So, it’s quicker than with a realtor but still takes a good amount of time.
  • Marketing and listings cost money. All the promotion of your home costs money. There are no free reputable websites that allow you to list your property. So, you still need to spend some to gain some.
  • Repairs and renovations are still required. No one will buy your home if it’s in poor condition. You’ll need to make repairs and renovations, deep clean the house, remove the unnecessary furniture, and depersonalize the house by removing your family photos, collections of figurines, fridge magnets, and so on. In fact, it’s always the best choice to remove all traces of you and your family from the house before any showings.
  • You take full responsibility and have to spend time and effort to get a good deal. By selling this way, you’ll need to make a selling process the primary concern of your life for a couple of months. House maintenance, marketing, showings, and negotiations will take a lot of your time and effort, which is not exactly ideal when you need to sell your home quickly and receive the cash fast.

Should I Sell To a Cash Buyer Company?

The two options that were discussed above are okay for most people under normal circumstances. If you are in no rush and are willing to part with 5.8% of your profits in exchange for professional services then go with the agent. If you think that you’ll do a better job yourself in slightly less time – more power to you. But, if you are in a tough spot in life right now or simply need to sell your house for cash fast, then we strongly recommend looking into a cash buyer company like NeedToSell.com. Cash buyer or iBuyer (Instant buyer) is a residential real estate investment company that aims to make the home selling process as easy and quick as possible. NeedToSell.com is a cash buyer that helps people around Texas sell their property for cash fast. We are able to buy your house in any situation for a competitive price. The process is actually very simple. First, you contact us and we provide you with a free consultation. Then we make a quick drive to your home to see for ourselves what are we working with. We’ll settle on a date and time that is the most convenient for you. After you show us your house we’ll run some numbers and present you with a deal. Finally, you decide when you want to close the deal. When you are ready, we conclude the deal and you’ll receive your cash! In the end, you’ll most likely end up with the same amount of money as you would by selling with the broker or by yourself but in less amount of time and without stress!

Selling is fast and convenient

  • By selling to NeedToSell.com you’ll be able to close a good deal in a matter of days! Selling should be easy. We’ll give you a competitive deal right after a quick appraisal. Get cash for your home fast, sell to NeedToSell.com!

No extra expenses

  • The whole point of selling your house is to get the money, not to lose them on cleaning, maintenance, marketing, and commissions. Our consultation and inspection services are provided for free, so you don’t need to spend a single cent! Get the full price of your property without any unnecessary expenses.

Sell as-is

  • We’ll buy your home in any condition. Even if your house is heavily damaged and needs extensive repairs we’ll buy it! You don’t have to spend your time, money, and efforts renovating the home you don’t plan to live in. Sell “as-is” and leave the renovations to us!

Be in control

  • NeedToSell.com leaves you in full control of the situation. We’ll do an appraisal of your home only when it’s convenient for you. When we give you a deal there will be no rush to close it then and there. Take your time and call us when you’ll be ready to sell!
In conclusion, if you want to sell your house in “as-is” condition quickly, there is no better choice but to sell to a cash buyer investor NeedToSell.com. We’ll help you out in any difficult situation and buy your home quickly. You’ll receive a competitive deal and get the full value out of your home in cash!