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Can i sell my house as is for cash without a realtor


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Here we discuss the pros and cons of three methods of selling a home: realtors, FSBO, and cash buyers. Realtors are good because they can take care of the whole selling process, but they require commissions. FSBO is good because it is cheaper and the seller retains more control, but it requires more work. Selling to a cash buyer is the best option because it is fast, easy, and requires no repairs or renovations. The blog post also provides information on how to sell to a cash buyer.

Is It a Good Time To Sell My House In Texas?

Over the past two years, the prices for residential real estate skyrocketed across all the major cities of Texas. The state of Texas has been viewed as a good place to move to for the last decade. This has caused the population to increase which has influenced the home prices. Due to the influx of people, the economy grew and many new workplaces have been created at a rate that is almost 50% higher than the nation’s employment growth rate. Consequently, now may be the best time to sell your house in Texas. If you are set on this idea, then the obvious and the most widespread option is to sell your home with the help of a real estate agent, but there are also other methods to consider.

Recent Studies Show How People Tend To Sell Their Homes

Were you wondering: “How to sell my house in Texas without a realtor quickly?” Well… There are a couple of options you may want to look into. If we look at the data provided by the National Association of Realtors from 2020 then we can clearly see that the vast majority of people (90% in fact) were assisted by a realtor during the selling process. This indicates that selling homes via agents is a default choice for most people across the US. Yet some are drawn to the benefits of other methods. According to the same source about 7% chose For Sale By Owner as their preferred method and only 3% sold their house for cash to cash buyer companies like West Richards Properties. So on a question “How to sell my house in Texas?” most have answered “Realtor”, but is it truly the best option?

What It’s Like to Sell Using the Realtor Services

Let’s first look at the most popular option for selling your home in Texas. There certainly are benefits of having a professional broker handle the sales process. A reputable agent should be able to lift the price of your house a little by presenting it to a potential buyer in a good light. They can also ensure that your property will have as much publicity as possible, providing that it doesn’t reach a level when it’ll hurt the agent’s interests or the interest of their other clients. Agents in Texas often rely on various real estate listing platforms to promote your home. Final point, realtors will usually handle all of the paperwork for you and guarantee compliance with all the current laws and regulations.

However, there are also plenty of downsides to working with the agent. First of all, their services are pricey. Brokers in Texas tend to ask for about a 6% cut from the money that you receive after a successful deal. So let’s say you are selling a house in Texas for about $300,000. It means that you’ll have to part with about $18,000! Of course, not all of this money is going straight to your agent’s pocket, but it’s still a huge chunk that you could have kept by avoiding dealing with them. You’ll also have to spend time and money on the necessary repairs and renovations to make your home ready for showings. Living in a house that should be in a presentable condition for an extended period of time is not an option most of the time. Plus, realtors tend to sell homes much slower than you can sell yourself with the alternative methods. With this method, you can expect to get a deal within a couple of months and sometimes up to a year! Compare that to the average of one month if you choose FSBO or a couple of days with a cash buyer West Richards Properties.


  • Rely on a professional
  • Increase the price of your house
  • Gain good publicity for your property
  • Almost no paperwork


  • Expansive 6% commissions.
  • Need to do repairs and renovation
  • House should be perfect for showings
  • May need to move before the deal is made
  • Can take up to a year to get a deal

In general, selling with the agent is pretty reliable and they will take care of most of your troubles. Yet, the process is not fast and can be quite expensive.

Selling Your Home With For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Method

Some people in Texas choose FSBO because they want to stay in control of the selling process and save money on fees. With this method, you are your own realtor. However, all of the responsibility for a successful deal on a free market falls to you. The main advantages of this method are that you can sell your house reasonably quickly if you are savvy at marketing and potentially save about half of the money that you would otherwise pay to the realtor. And what about home listing websites? You can list your home there yourself quickly! FSBO is also a good way to sell your home in Texas if you already have a buyer and only need to formalize the deal fast.

This method isn’t perfect by any means. Since you are most likely not a professional house seller, you’ll not be able to sell your home for more than a typical agent can. Additionally, if you are not selling to someone you know, the buyer often is represented by their own real estate agent who can out-negotiate you to lower the price. So, in a way, you are still dealing with the realtor, but they are not on your side now. It’s also a challenge to set the right price for your home. Too low of a price – and you’ll miss out on the money, too high – and you’ll be waiting for ages to get a deal. To sell fast and successfully you’ll still need to do some maintenance of your home which again costs money, time, and effort. Ideally, renovations should be done before listing your house anywhere. Remember that you’ll have to do showings yourself and all paperwork also fall to you. Finally, while the thought of being in full control of your property is empowering, you have to remember that with this method you’ll have to do everything by yourself, and we at West Richards Properties know that selling a house in Texas is not exactly an easy or fast process most of the time.


  • You are in full control
  • Sell quicker than with the realtor
  • Save money on commissions
  • List your property wherever you want
  • Good method if you already have a buyer


  • All the responsibility falls to you
  • Need to negotiate with the buyer’s agent
  • Have to set the right price yourself
  • Need to do some renovation
  • You’ll have to do showings yourself
  • All paperwork falls to you

To sum it up, FSBO is a good option if you are confident in your marketing abilities and want to take the process into your own hands. It allows you to make a deal quite fast. This method requires much more effort than any other and you are unlikely to get a better cash deal for your house.

Sell Your Home Quickly With a Cash Buyer West Richards Properties

If you decided that the cons of realtors and FSBO outweigh their pros, there is a third option. House for cash buyers concept is a relatively new one in Texas and has yet to break into the mainstream. It refers to a residential real estate investment company like West Richards Properties that buys homes directly from owners for cash fast. There are many advantages to selling to West Richards Properties. First of all, our consultation, inspection, and appraisal services are free and, unlike agents, we don’t require any commissions. By selling to a cash buyer you are able to save a lot of time because we buy houses fast. The whole process is unlikely to take more than a couple of days. We don’t require any repairs or renovations to be made beforehand and buy homes in Texas in “as-is” condition. West Richards can help you in any situation when you need to get cash for your house fast.

The whole process looks like this: First, you contact us and we give you a free consultation. Then we need to inspect your home. Together we choose the date that is convenient to both parties. On a set date, we inspect and appraise your house. Then we run some numbers and give you a deal. You can close the deal right away or take your time. There is no rush and you are always in full control of the situation. When you have made the decision to sell you’ll receive the full value of your property in cash fast!

  • Stay in control
  • Sell house in a matter of days
  • Avoid any unexpected charges
  • Get full value and sell for cash
  • Don’t do the home makeover
  • Sell in “as-is” condition
  • Sell any house in any situation

People who like to be more involved in the selling process, do renovations, organize showings, and enjoy bidding wars may want to consider other options. Selling to West Richards Properties is best suited for busy people who don’t have much time for dealing with agents or selling their homes on a free market. We can also help anyone in a difficult situation to sell their house for cash fast. Your home can be damaged heavily for whatever reason, or there can be some legal matters at hand, maybe you cannot pay the mortgage any longer and need to downgrade to a more affordable housing option. No matter the reason, we can give you a fair deal fast. We can buy your house in Texas even if no one else wants to. If you are tired of waiting for a buyer and want to sell for cash fast then try West Richards Properties, we’ll help you out!